Hot ebony teen gets fucked by stepbrother


Sizi Sevi is a sexy, playful black girl with a smokin body and a beautiful face. One day she decides to up her selfie game by getting a selfie stick. She tries it out as soon as she can, snapping sexy pics of herself playing with her pussy in the living room. When she is reviewing the photos, she notices some creepy guy watching her from one of the windows! She hides under the covers, terrified. Soon after, her bro sneaks into her bedroom, watching Sizi lay in bed with her eyes closed. She wakes up, startled and asks him what the hell he thinks he is doing. He is very direct and tells his sis that he has a crush on her. She hesitates at first, but smiles in agreement when he offers to shove his big fat cock down her throat. She gets it nice and hard before he rams it into her sweet blackberry pussy. Turns out, the juice really is that sweet.

Actors: Sizi Sev
Category: Black Babes
Added on: June 4, 2024

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