The Secret Ebony Agenda


Nia Nacci is an ebony valley girl who was helping her bff Elle Voneva through some hard times, or trying to at least. Elle was super upset about her boyfriend breaking up with her. The worst part is he even took back his letterman jacket, which made Elle even more popular than she already was. Nia tried to end the conversation quickly since she had a date to get ready for. Elle became curious as to who she was dating, and Nia let her know that it was no one special. Boys suck anyway! After a final cheer up, Nia made her way outside only to leave Elle shocked by who was picking her up… Elle’s ex-boyfriend! Elle was beyond furious, and you could see the disdain in her eyes. Nia looked back at her nefariously as the boy placed Elle’s beloved letterman jacket on her. Nia screwed over her bff for some yummy white dick, what a bitch! She enjoyed every second of her less than savory relationship which involved endless cock sucking, dick riding, and cum sipping. In case you didn’t know it, some black valley girls have a secret agenda to fuck your man. Watch out!

Actors: Nia Nacci
Category: Black Babes
Added on: June 5, 2024

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